Danny and Sammy March 8th, 2012

The strength you give me. They tell me it's amazing how I'v stayed so strong, but they don't see how I cry when I hear your song, they see the smile on my face but miss the hurt in my eye, I would rather seem rude than let them see me cry, I put on this front as I don't want the world to see, the pain and sorrow so deep inside me. I don't act this way cause I'm ashamed to feel the way I do, I act this way in honour of you, because although I hurt right now and my heart is broken, I can't help but feel pride and love when your name is spoken, my strength comes from the love you gave to me, and it's that strength I want the world to see. I will always love and miss you Lexi, that I will never hide, and when people ask me about my daughter Lexi, they will always see my pride, you were so precious and your memory will always live on, I'll never be sad that I had you only that your gone. My tears are not a sign of my weakness, they are a sign of the love I have inside, they will always fall down my cheeks, when I think of you with pride, they say it takes a real man to admit when he is sad, but how can I be sad when I look at the daughter that I had, I will always have the memories of my little girl, and you will always be my world, Lexi always remember you gave me this strength and that, you will always be your daddies little girl!!!