Danny and Sammy March 8th, 2012

They say a girl gets more presents from her dad than her mum, that's because they get them under their thumb. You always had me under yours with your loveable charms, from you very first breath until you died in my arms. There ain't a thing in this world I wouldn't have given to you, I woulda laid down my life if you needed me too. I would have stolen you the stars and the moon, but I never got the chance cause you were taken to soon. I was only able to hold you and sing you your song, I even got your mum to sing along. I'll never be able to give you all the gifts I woulda done, and that's what hurts the most now that your gone. I'll never see you smile when you look at your new toys, or see you get angry when I scare off the boys. I'll never get to buy you lots of pretty things, from cute little dresses to sparkly little rings. I'll never get to tell you of the best present that I ever had, it was the day you were born and I became your dad. You completed the world I had with your mum, and straight away you had me wrapped round your thumb!!!