Danny and Sammy March 8th, 2012

I have a rare angel on my tree, You cant get my angel from the shop, The angel on my tree is a part of me, It makes all the pain stop. The angel on my tree is the most beautiful angel in the world, My angel is like no other, Cause my angel is my beautiful little girl, Who sits on her tree watching me and her mother. She might not be there with me on Christmas day, But I'll still smile and be thankful for what I had, Cause not many men can say, That they are an Angels dad. The angel on my tree is also my star at night, She is there when I go to sleep and when I rise, She makes my world seem alright, When I imagine my Angels eyes. Tonight I ask for just one thing, Shine bright tonight my little angel star, I know the joy that will bring, When you show the world just how incredible you really are. Love you always my beautiful baby girl x