Danny and Sammy March 8th, 2012

Where you will be In the happiest thoughts in my mind, it's memories of you that I find, although I'm sad that you've past, you've given me a smile that will always last, no dad has ever had a child more beautiful than you, and I'm strangely thankful you will stay that way too, I ain't going to hide the fact it hurts that I won't see you grow up, but your the one thing in my life that I never mucked up, to look back and say I got one think right, brings my heart out of the darkness and into the light, I'll never get to see you do all the things I dreamed for you, but I got to see you do so many things they said you wouldn't do, in your short time you put up a hell of a fight, and you gave me and your mum many a fright, and now at least I'll never hear you say you hate me after a fight, and have to search the streets when you wonder off at night, I'll never have to worry bout what your getting up to, or have to hold your hair when your being sick down the loo, I'm never going to have to taxi you around, or pretend that I care when you drag me round town, I got to do the most precious thing with you, I held you in my arms and protected you like a real dad should, of course I would rather have longer than just 19 days as your dad, but I ain't going to moan as those 19 days are the best iv ever had, I'm sad that you are gone but that don't mean you ain't here, because in my head and my heart you are still near, I just have to close my eyes to see your beautiful face, and my life is still complete again as you filled that massive space, I ain't saying its easy not to be sad and cry, but we will see you soon as I'll never say goodbye!