Danny and Sammy March 8th, 2012

When you was born they told me you wouldn't make it through the day, but you showed you had other plans, you decided you weren't going out that way, and your courage gained you thousands of Facebook fans. They were shocked with how hard you chose to fight, and kept telling us you wouldn't last long, but you proved me and your mum right, and those silly Drs very wrong. You were moved out of that scary place, were your mum and I couldn't hold you tight, because wires covered your body and face, and every beep the machines made gave us a fright. They asked if we wanted you to move to the hospice, they explained how well you would be looked after, and that the staff were very nice, and how it was a place filled with joy, love and laughter. Although we were very scared, we chose to say yes, cause we were only prepared. to ensure you had the best. Our time at Keech was so special, they had everything you needed there, from something as big as a harp right down to a tissue, a perfect place for a little girl who was so rare. It was just like being at home, we couldn't have asked for more, we felt like you were never alone, with the staff outside your door. You touched so many people that when it came to say goodbye, it was impossible not to be sad, everybody had a little cry, especially your mum and dad. We decided that for your funeral we would have a cremation, we asked everyone to wear colours that were bright, as this was to be a celebration, in honour of our beautiful girl who had lost her fight. Take care up there my baby, I know I'll see you again one day, no if's, no buts or maybes, nothing can or will stand in my way x