Danny and Sammy March 8th, 2012

Just like a hurricane your death tore my life apart, even now the storm has gone, there's still so much pain in my heart, but ur making the sun shine and i can hear u say daddy you must carry on. You make the darkest day seem bright, even though iv only got memories of you, them memories bring me light, and make a grey sky seem blue. We know your up there making the sun shine, it helps keep your mums spirits high, and does wonders for mine, I know if I wanna c u I just have too look up at the sky. I know that winters nearly here, and the snow will soon be on the ground, but I know you'll still be near, and I'll still see you all around. I'll have to wait before I can build a snowman with you, before we can have a snowball fight, but I hope there's snow up there too, and that its beautifully white. I don't no how many seasons that there will be, before we get to hold you tight, both your mum and me, until then we will miss u every warm day and even more on a cold night.